What we do

Hard Dollar & Feasibility Estimates

ECS can provide cost estimating services, planning and constructibility services and advice for the civil construction and mining industry. Our focused team will ensure cost-effective estimating, constructibility reviews, project planning, risk assessments and a range of independent services for your proposed project.  We can prepare a variety of strategic and business case budgets and/or feasibility estimates for clients managing capital expenditure and hard dollar tenders for civil contractors

Hard Dollar estimates are undertaken from First Principles Estimation and include the following disciplines:

  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Bridges (Rail, Road & Pedestrian)
  • Coal Seam Gas
  • Concrete Structures
  • Drainage, Sewer & Water Reticulation Pipelines
  • Industrial and Residential Subdivisions
  • Marine Infrastructure
  • Mine Site Civil Infrastructure
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Rail Construction – Greenfield, Brownfield and Light Rail
  • Road Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Roller Compacted Concrete & Earth Dams
  • Sewer Effluent Treatment Ponds
  • Water & Sewer Treatment Plants

Feasibility Services include for the following disciplines:

  • Assessment of Progress Claims
  • Assessment of Variations
  • Constructibility Reviews
  • Coal Seam Gas
  • Cost Escalation
  • Cost Estimating & Cost Planning from Concept to Delivery
  • Cost Review and Audit
  • Independent Estimation and Review
  • Project Review and Audit
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Risk Criteria Matrix
  • Risk Estimating & Modelling including Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Risk Register Development
  • Risk Workshop Facilitation
  • Whole of Life / Lifecycle Costing

Estimating Services for Civil and Mining

ECS has the capabilities and capacity to estimate on large scale capital projects in the civil and mining industry. We provide accurate estimates using First Principles cost estimating techniques to derive cost estimates founded on a labour, plant and materials basis.

We will work in conjunction with our clients, designers, contractors and industry leaders to deliver cost, contract, programme, risk and value based estimating services.

Our experience spans all aspects of a mining project, from process facilities to infrastructure works, including:

  • Materials Handling & Processing
  • Rail & Access
  • Earthworks & Drainage
  • Coal Handling Processing Plant (CHPP) / Coal Processing Plant (CPP)
  • Civil Works (Including Dams, Levees & Reservoirs)
  • Dump Stations
  • Haulage Roads
  • Onsite Infrastructure
  • Port Facilities
  • Camp Accommodation
  • Water Management & Treatment


Turnkey Estimating

ECS can provide a “complete” service for our clients for the estimating process. From receipt of the original tender documents, quantity take-offs (if required), procurement of subcontractor and supplier quotations, programming of works, risk analysis to identify risks and opportunities for our clients, through the technical, commercial and tender review processes including adjustments to the final estimate from reviews.

Our team are versatile to quickly adapt to the changing needs of tender requirements especially when there are many changes throughout the estimating / tendering period. Updated bill of quantities, specifications, drawings, reports, notice to tenderers and all other information will be incorporated and accounted for in our final estimate to our clients.

Non-pricing assistance for tender preparation
We can also assist with the completion of non-pricing tender response deliverables, tender design submission formatting, external printing of professional dividers, hard copy covers and wrap-around book covers for the final tender submissions.

Post tender negotiations often involve quick turnarounds for responses back to the Principal, at ECS we have the capacity to continue our services throughout this time assisting with tight timeframes and estimate adjustments as they arrive.

Quantity Surveying

At ECS we also offer quantity surveying services for take-offs during the tender process and for variations that arise during the construction process. Quantity Take-offs can be a timely process so we offer this service either on its own or in conjunction with our estimating service. Our fully qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyor/s are here to help ease the pressure and are able to create a bill of quantities for pricing.


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