People choose ECS for professional, minimal fuss services in civil estimating, feasibility estimates and quantity surveying.

Estimating and Construction Support (ECS)

Estimating services for the civil construction and mining industries, including Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimating, Planning and Constructibility advice.

Estimating and Construction Support Pty Ltd (ECS) offers estimating services to businesses that range from small contractors through to first-tier contractors, private sector clients and Government departments. Our qualified and highly professional team are able to assist tendering and bid teams in putting together quality estimates for projects within required timeframes and in consultation with our clients to ensure their needs (and the needs of the project) are met throughout the bidding process.

Consulting Services to the Construction Industry

ECS – Estimating and Construction Support Pty Ltd (ECS) have been providing services to the civil & construction industry since 2007. In that time ECS have been able to support clients ranging from smaller subcontractors through to Tier One contractors, consultants and Government Departments.

ECS today provide a wide range of services from early feasibility investigations through to tendering, project delivery and final claim and cost reviews. ECS staff are available to augment core staff or to independently provide the complete package of services.

The ECS team includes estimators, quantity surveyors, programmers, reviewers and more; all of whom provide support based upon real firsthand experience. ECS has the experience from working in many sectors of the industry including roadworks, bridges, rail, marine, airports, gas and many more.

ECS want to work with you to achieve positive outcomes, not just work for you.

Our team at ECS includes qualified and experienced Civil Estimators, Bid leader, Peer reviewers, Risk modellers, Quantity Surveyors and project support staff giving our clients a well-rounded and balanced approach to achieve a cost-competitive service without compromising on quality.



Our clients range from small subcontractors and major Tier 1 contractors to Private Sector clients and Government Departments. This array of clients means our work ranges from hard dollar first principle estimates through to feasibility studies and alliancing projects. For our employees, this provides the opportunity to obtain a wide field of experience encompassing many different aspects of estimating and disciplines of work.

ECS knows that accurate estimation services can make the difference between success and failure on any type of project. ECS is here to work with you on achieving your goal. We will provide a high quality estimating service which determines the expected costs entailed in a project, researching the market thoroughly in order to generate to our clients the most accurate and timely end product.


Over the years ECS have developed an enviable Track Record.  of working on a wide range of projects, that among others include those listed below.

ISO9001 Certification

ECS aims to provide its clients with a management service which is efficient and viable. In January 2018, ECS became third party certified to ISO9001 – 2015. This Quality certification is in line with international quality standards and ensures our policies, processes and procedures are undertaken with the view of continual improvement, as it is vital to have a sustainable and risk assessed Quality Management System.

The quality management system of ECS is implemented throughout the organisation. It covers all functions which includes strategic estimating services, comprehensive feasibility and hard dollar construction advice. As the quality management system is “user friendly” and a fundamental of our business activities, it is adhered to, at all times. The systems are monitored and measured both internally and externally on an ongoing basis.



Our Mission statement

To provide our clients with strategic estimating services tailored to meet their individual needs.